The ancient Greek conception of Art is to connect the individual to Beauty with a capital 'B'. Michelangelo's David The Sistine Chapel for example, are  earthly embodiments of an archetypical or primordial idea of Beauty residing in the Jungian notion of The Collective Unconscious. Drawing upon this statement as a starting point; art & culture more broadly speaking is concerned with the generation of meaning & the production of meaningful experiences amongst a community of people sharing time & space together. My ambition as a cultural worker is directed towards these goals. By employing the creative techniques of a theatre facilitator / director & the organisational skills of a cultural events manager, I collaborate with others to produce new & novel experiences that build social capital within a given community.  I am Inspired by theatre directors; Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba,  Nicolás Núñez, & Richard Schechner, Anthropologist Victor Turner, Tibetan Buddist; Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche & Swiss psychiatrist; Carl Gustav Jung.