Jack Beglin is a freelance theatre maker, researcher and events manager that creates new and novel cultural experiences that bring people together to celebrate life creatively. As a theatre maker and an events manager his praxis can be summarised:

Give individuals the tools to feel, think, write, speak and act for themselves and in doing so collective change is possible.

Pedagogically his theatre facilitation practice is process based (Bonet & Négrier :2014: 403 & 404). The role of the artist is less a producer of cultural objects to be consumed and more a facilitator of situations (Bishop: 2012: 2). This pedagogy is rooted in the personal - social and artistic growth of the participant, where the needs of the individual and group are balanced (Youth Theatre Ireland: Taite & Kelly 2015 ) This approach is described intellectually through the work of french philosopher Jacques Rancière; who calls for the intellectual emancipation of the individual through active cultural participation in the creative process. (Tomanova in Bonet & Négrier: 2018: 77).

Jack makes no distinction between the creation of a good theatre piece and the production of a cultural event. The process is the same; facilitate a space for confidence, trust and clear interpersonal communication, where individuals are given the responsibility of making creative choices and as natural leaders arise, hand ownership back to the group. This way of working is akin to individuals rehearsing the ingredients of civic responsibility & active citizenship. (Bonet & Négrier :2014: 386 & 387)