Commons Collective: The Art of Listening

About: In his book Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis, Guardian journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot, reimagines the idea of the commons - a shared resource mutually owned and managed by a corporative that operates neither within the state nor free market.

Inspired by this idea, Commons Collective, is a group of creatives that use devised theatre and performance making as a ‘site’ for the generation of collective cultural intelligence. (Bonet & Négrier : 2014 397) Our view is that the process of decision making inherent in the creative process is a rehearsal for active citizenship in the larger social world.

Collectively writing a script, blocking the actor’s movements on stage, choreographing the dance, figuring out the right angle for the projector and mapping the sound design onto the actor’s actions - all these activities require a delicate dance of negotiation and power sharing between the individual and the collective. Through this process we are learning to listen again both to ourselves and others.

New Year’s Sea @ The 2019 Scene and Heard Festival: Smock Alley, dublin


Thrown into a sea of chaos, Rebecca swims in the cold undertow. One woman’s battle with the unknown and her triumph over nihilism. . - a play inspired by The Dun Laoghaire Forty Foot: New Year’s Sea draws upon the imagery of open sea swimming as a metaphor for navigating life’s choppy seas.

Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support Dublin Fringe Festival and presented by The 2019 Scene and Heard Festival


Sarah Niland: Rabecca

Sebastian Stephenson: Wrestler 1

Sarah O’Meara: Wrestler 2  

Writer &  Director: Jack Beglin

Creative Producer: Marta Linares

Soundscape: Aileen Wallace aka Last Eden

Technician: Sean Hegarty

Scenography: Dylan Kelly

Photography: Misha Beglin