Commons Collective: The Art of Listening

About: In his book Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis, Guardian journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot, reimagines the idea of the commons - a shared resource mutually owned and managed by a corporative that operates neither within the state nor free market.

Inspired by this idea, Commons Collective, is a group of creatives that use devised theatre and performance making as a ‘site’ for the generation of collective cultural intelligence. (Bonet & Négrier : 2014 397) Our view is that the process of decision making inherent in the creative process is a rehearsal for active citizenship in the larger social world.

Collectively writing a script, blocking the actor’s movements on stage, choreographing the dance, figuring out the right angle for the projector and mapping the sound design onto the actor’s actions - all these activities require a delicate dance of negotiation and power sharing between the individual and the collective. Through this process we are learning to listen again both to ourselves and others.

New Year’s Sea @ The 2019 Scene and Heard Festival: Smock Alley, dublin


Thrown into a sea of chaos, Rebecca swims in the cold undertow. One woman’s battle with the unknown and her triumph over nihilism. . - a play inspired by The Dun Laoghaire Forty Foot: New Year’s Sea draws upon the imagery of open sea swimming as a metaphor for navigating life’s choppy seas.

Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support Dublin Fringe Festival and presented by The 2019 Scene and Heard Festival

New Year Sea .jpg

Building upon the momentum of #SASH2019 we would like to invite lovers of the open sea to join us for a community art project taking place in Dún Laoghaire in April 2019. Participants will create a public performance that explores their stories of open sea swimming through a series of interactive theatre workshops. Performers and non performers welcome. - Interested?: join us for open rehearsals, test the waters and get your feet wet

16/02/19: 2 pm -5pm

17/02/19: 10 am - 1pm

Venue: Dublin Fringe Festival: Sycamore Building, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland



Sarah Niland: Rabecca

Sebastian Stephenson: Wrestler 1

Sarah O’Meara: Wrestler 2  

Writer &  Director: Jack Beglin

Creative Producer: Marta Linares

Soundscape: Aileen Wallace aka Last Eden

Technician: Sean Hegarty

Scenography: Dylan Kelly

Photography: Misha Beglin