Beglin. J. & Cadwell. S. (2018) :Drawing The Crowd: Audience Mapping Project, Irish Street Art, Circus & Spectacle Network, Dublin

Research Question: to what extent do outdoor arts events create a sense of civic pride?

Methodology: qualitative surveys

Sample size: 584

Conducted at:

  1. 2018 Carlow Arts Festival

  2. 2018 Cork Midsummer Festival

  3. 2018 Earagail Arts Festival

  4. 2018 Waterford Waterford Spraoi Festival

  5. 2018 Kilkenny Arts Festival

Example evidence that the 2018 Cork Midsummer Festival created a sense of community amongst festival goers. The sample size at Cork was 48: (p20)

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 08.21.34.png

Conclusion: is clear from the data that the vast majority of people who attended street arts events at festivals this summer, felt that the work which they witnessed there enhanced their sense of community in the area. When this is taken into consideration alongside the demographic breakdown of the events, it is clear that street arts promote a greater sense of community in the area from people who represent a variety of different communities local to that area. (Cadwell: 2018: 8 & 9)


.. how can this data be used more precisely? We would suggest that other researchers, perhaps from international street arts advocacy groups or from advocacy groups from other art forms, can use the results of this study to compare and contrast with findings of their own. (Cadwell: 2018: 9)